Architecture of Hilton Hotel in Rotterdam

The Hilton Hotel at Weena 10 in Rotterdam is the third branch of the chain built in Europe. The Hilton Hotel design to Weena architect Huig Maaskant. He also designed the Amsterdam Hilton (1962). Founder Conrad Hilton opened the hotel in May 1963. In 2012, the grand hotel has been renovated. During the 50th anniversary in 2013, the Hilton hotel nominated as a national monument.


Already during the first years of reconstruction there were plans for a hotel in the heart of Rotterdam. In 1943 the Club Rotterdam established a Hotel Urgency Committee. Huig Maaskant made mid fifties on its own initiative, a design for a hotel on the corner of Weena and Coolsingel. Due to the growth of tourism and the emergence of civil aviation hotel was build in the late fifties really urgent. The Hilton Executive decided in 1958 to the simultaneous construction of a hotel in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Both hotels were designed by Maaskant in collaboration with the (interior) architect F.W. Fleming. The Rotterdam Hilton was the eighteenth Hilton outside the United States.

Architecture Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotels were built according to a uniform standard for the rooms and the service so that the mostly American users would feel right at home. However, the facilities such as shops, bars and restaurants was trying to bring back some of the local atmosphere. Maaskant felt nothing dowdy old Dutch atmosphere, but wanted a special, luxurious fantasy world creëren.Het hotel was built in the former American-style boutique hotels: small single rooms, large public spaces with luxurious decor and perfect service.

The building consists of a basement with two floors which follows the oblique line Kruiskade. This is the entrance to the lobby, restaurant and bar, include a ballroom and meeting space, the Weena Silk small shops. The sleeping area in the eight-storey superstructure is rectangular and follows the lines of grid Weena and Coolsingel. housed per floor are 33 rooms. The four heads are larger rooms situated in the upper part of the Coolsingel luxury Presidents Suite.

The facades have a strong horizontal character. They consist of strips of windows in a frame of white travertine. The basement is largely of glass. On Kruiskade the base with black granite and upholstered.


In 2012, the Hilton Hotel renovated. In the hotel, all 254 rooms and suites, the lounge bar, executive lounge and meeting rooms stripped entirely and refurbished. The biggest change to the outside is the displacement of the main entrance of the Kruiskade to the Weena.

National monument

The Hilton Hotel is a municipal monument. On March 18, 2013 she was nominated as a national monument, together with 88 other buildings and places in the Netherlands from the second phase of the reconstruction period (1959-1965) so special that they are worth saving.

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