The best gift ideas for Mother’s Day

What would be the most beautiful gift ideas for Mother’s Day? This year, Mother’s Day is on May 14th, which means that it is not so far away! Time to think about a special gift, because your mohter deserves it! Here are some tips for beautiful and original Mother’s Day gifts.


This is of course an easy gift, but you Mom will like it. A bunch of flowers is simple, but always good! Go to a flower shop and make a beautiful bouquet. Do you want to do it all right? Then try to find out what are your mother’s favorite flowers, if you do not know yet. Then put a bouquet together with these flowers and buy a beautiful vase. Then your present will have a guaranteed success with your mother!

moederdag cadeau ideeen bloemen

A photo book or canvas

A picture says more than 1000 words, and that’s definitely true! Look at the possibilities of making a photo book yourself, which can be done easily online. Make one of a special event, or choose a variety of pictures that are of great value to your mother. From my own experience, I know that such a book is very often taken out of the closet! If you do not want a whole picture book, think of a photo on canvas / wood / aluminum etc. Think about your mother’s house interior and make sure that there is a nice spot for the photo.

A day away

To really surprise your mother, you can take her on a day trip. This can be anything, but here are some examples . I can be a wellness day or sauna, shopping, dining or lunching, visiting a museum or the movie, a walk, bike ride or a high tea. Even more fun, make a mix of multiple things. A day full of fun, which both of you will enjoy!

moederdag cadeau tips dagje weg


This can be a gift difficult to choose, but it can also be a gift with a great emotional value. After all, a piece of jewelry often accompanies you. Ask for  an advise from a jeweler and look carefully at your mother’s taste. If you do not know yourself, you can of course also go shopping with your mother. Perhaps a slightly less surprise, but then you are sure that the choice is right!

moederdag cadeau sieraden

A magazine or a voucher for a book

I think almost every mom likes to relax with a good book or a magazine. Just a moment for herself, enjoying a cup of tea or coffee. You can of course buy a set of magazines, or find a nice book. What’s more fun is to give a giftcard for a magazine or a book. Then your mother can choose a magazine or book that she really wants to read. These vouchers / gift cards can often be purchased from a bookstore or online.

moederdag cadeau boekenbon

Interior decoration

This may be a little more difficult because interior inspiration is personal to everyone. If you do not want to risk, choose photo art with architecture objects. Here you can not go wrong and you will give a beautiful present. Would you like a very special gift? Take a look at the Art Letter Lab 26 Deco. They have Alphabet Photography – really an original idea, nowhere else to find in the Netherlands! On website you can spell your mother’s name in fotos of famous architecture that resemble letters. This way, your mother will have a personal designer gift that will always remind her of you.

moederdag cadeau home decoratie

Do you already have a present for Mother’s Day? Share with us in the comments what you will give!

Martje Boselie

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